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16 "Negative" Signs That You Are Leveling Up

As you grow, you will feel and experience energetic, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual shifts...especially when you are moving into a deeper level of growth and awareness.

For those of you who question those feelings and experiences, especially if you see them as "bad" or "negative", let this be a reminder that this is not uncommon, nor is it bad or negative. It only feels that way because we don't like to feel uncomfortable...and anything that expands/grows us...will eventually push us out of our comfort zone.

If you are experiencing, what you define as bad or negative feelings/experiences, it could just mean that you are leveling up.

What leveling up might look like:

  • You feel overwhelmed and unsure of what’s next

  • You feel alone and unsupported

  • You doubt yourself

  • You overthink

  • You procrastinate

  • You feel out of your comfort zone

  • You look for excuses to stay where you are

  • You feel a disconnect in some relationships

  • You feel judgment from self and others

  • You feel discontent or unsatisfaction

  • You are met with new experiences and opportunities

  • You are met with new people and potential relationships

  • You are uncomfortable with certain people and experiences that you never used to feel uncomfortable with

  • You are uncomfortable making choices that you used to make

  • You day dream more and more about what you really want

  • You feel an energetic pull to certain actions, people, places, etc.

Your body constantly communicates with you. What you think is bad, might actually be your body bringing attention to changes that are being made, or need to be made…steering you towards something bigger and better!

Examine these areas that don't feel so good. Ask yourself what you might need in this moment. What kind of support do you need? What actions do you need to take? Or what actions do you need to NOT take? Do you need to show yourself more compassion, patience, trust, acceptance?

What do you need energetically, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually? Give yourself permission to feel what you feel, and give yourself the support you need.

Sending my Love and Light.

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