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5 Signs You're Right On Time

Updated: May 17, 2022

In case you feel as though you’ve fallen behind. Here are 5 little reminders that you’re right on time:

1) You are like no other, unique in every way. Nobody can walk your path. Nobody is more on time than you because this is YOUR life.

2) You’ve let go of what no longer serves you, and it wasn’t easy. But you’re now experiencing freedom in areas you never have before. You can no longer settle for less…and that’s the point.

3) You’ve come so far. You‘ve overcome challenges that at one point, you thought would destroy you. You‘ve taken lessons learned and built a foundation that continues to elevate and empower you.

4) You don’t need to have all of the answers. Life is revealed one moment, one experience at a time. You will know what you need to know, when you need to know it. When you’re ready it’ll arrive, until then…rest in the silence.

5) Your soul reminds you of who you are and why you’re here, when you lose sight of that. Every experience serves as a reminder, that at your core, you are love...and that you always have a choice to speak in love, act in love, create in love, and to live in love.

Sending my Love and Light. ✨✨

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