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My Greatest Lesson As A Life Coach

I don’t matter.

Getting out of my own head has always been a struggle for me. I can get too concerned with what others think of me, what they say about me, whether or not they think I’m doing a good job, whether or not they like me…the list can go on.

But I'm learning that the more I stay stuck in my head, the less present I become. And the less present I become, the less impact I can make, the less support and guidance I can give others, the less confidence I have in my abilities, and the less power I have in being able to make positive changes in my life and the lives around me.

Stepping out of my own head means I am fully devoted to the other person in front of me. It means that I am truly listening to what they have to say, I am empathizing, understanding, connecting, and most importantly…. they feel like they’re the only one who matters, because they are!

They’re the only one who matters.

I cannot fully serve others when I’m too worried about myself. If I am, then everything I see, hear, and experience is filtered through how I see myself. From this perspective, I can only see my needs, wants, fears, etc. I can only see myself.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said:

I’m so glad I never feel important; it does complicate life!”

Yes, it does complicate life because it complicates my ability to fully serve, impact, and live my purpose! The less I can think about myself, the more I can engage and enjoy the presence of others. The more I can learn from others, and the better Life Coach I become…the better person I become.

Presence is power.

Presence is power because I don’t matter. And when I don’t matter, I become an empty vessel for others. I become an empty vessel by which life flows to, through, and from me. I can be what others need me to be…and in doing so, I can be what I need for myself.

Sending my Love and Light.

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