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5 Signs You're Being Led By Ego

The Ego is cunning. It can rear it's ugly head without you even realizing it. It can demand from you the most insane and unreasonable thoughts, beliefs, actions...and in turn, it can create a life that was never meant for you; a life based on egoic demands, false identity and desires, disingenuous relationships, and missed opportunities and experiences. And it all happens so "naturally" overtime that you don't stop to question how or what you are creating.

5 Ego moves to look out for and how to stop it:

1. You’re always right. You have a hard time seeing from another person’s perspective or at the very least, hearing what they have to say. You leave little room and tolerance for new insights, beliefs, ideas, etc. that are not your own.

Solution: Be willing to suspend “being right” by allowing others to say what they need to say. You don’t necessarily have to agree 100% of the time, but you should be willing to listen. You never know what can spark up new insights for you.

2. You have tunnel vision; there’s only one way to do something. This belief limits your experiences, opportunities, and personal growth.

Solution: Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new ways to find solutions, have experiences, take advantage of opportunities, open up possibilities, and expand your growth.

3. You’re constantly trying to disprove or discount the words and actions of others. You see others as inferior because “they don’t know what you know”. Or “they are not doing it the way you would.” This leaves you feeling exhausted and mentally drained because you’re in a constant state of “fighting”.

Solution: Remind yourself: what’s more important, to be right or to have peace? Prioritize your battles. Know what you’re fighting for and why. If disproving or minimizing others makes you feel better about yourself…that’s Ego.

4. All your relationships end on a bad note and it's always the fault of others. You often find yourself alone or without true, genuine friends…yet refuse to take responsibility or understand your role in the relationships you engage in. There’s no growth after a relationship ends, you carry with you to the next relationship, all the baggage from the last one. And the cycle repeats.

Solution: Be willing to take a look at the role you play in your relationships and how it contributes to the breakdown. Be willing to do the inner work needed to grow from that experience so you’re not repeating cycles. What are your triggers? In what ways are you holding yourself back and refusing to address personal issues?

5. You’re willing to hurt those closest to you for personal gain. You know, on a deeper level, that what you’re doing is extreme and perhaps unnecessary. I’m not talking about taking healthy action steps to better a situation. I’m talking about going above and beyond what’s necessary, to prove a point or to be seen as right…even at the risk of creating pain, stress, chaos, drama, etc.

Solution: Be willing to take yourself out of the equation and not take everything personally…especially when others’ lives can be impacted. Being willing to set aside your ego in these situations shows great maturity and empowers you to make decisions that cultivate peace, contentment, and joy in your life. You are less worried about “making others pay” or “teaching them a lesson” and more focused on how you can free yourself from the need to prove anything, and this growth will take you further than you can imagine…not to mention you create healthy bonds and relationships with those you love and refuse to hurt.

Sending my Love and Light.

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