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3 Mindset Shifts To Get What You Want

Have you ever had an experience where there was something you desired or wanted to occur, only to later find out that what you desired was already there, or the thing you wanted to occur, already happened? Like when you lose your favorite sunglasses then minutes later realize they were sitting on your head.

How were you unable to see it or fully experience it....especially since it was right there?

What happened was a shift in perspective or energy that allowed you to have what you were wanting. You created space for it to "arrive", then it happened.

So, how did you create the space for it?

1) You gave up worrying about it, looking for it, waiting for it, wanting it. You spent all of your energy creating the absence of something, rather than using that energy to prepare/allow for it. According to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP): "What you focus on, expands." This means that whatever energy you choose to focus your thoughts on, is exactly what you will attract into your reality. For more discussion on NLP, check out my earlier blog: 10 POVs That Will Change Your Life.

Without even knowing it, you continued to create the absence of what you desired, yet the moment you let it go, it appeared. This is because there was already energy or momentum towards what you wanted. At some point, you put into motion, the was always there. However, you also had the contradictory energy of lack, and this will either slow down or stop it from happening. The moment you forgot about it or let it go, created more space for the energy that was put in motion earlier, for it's arrival. Then BOOM!

2) You stopped seeing with tunnel vision. You had a specific idea of what you wanted your desire to look like, how you wanted it to arrive, when it was to arrive, and many other specific details, that inevitably prevented it from happening at all. The more restrictions, obligations, expectations you put on something, the more difficult it is to receive it. Why? Because you shut out new opportunities or possibilities for it to arrive in any other way. Think about how difficult it is to find a super niche product, compared to a general or broad product that is more widely used. The latter is easier to find/see/have.

3) You realized that the little things ARE the big things. This is similar to tunnel vision. You have an image or belief in your mind that your desire needs to be experienced a certain way. Typically, you are looking for something grand and epic, something that will take your breath away and give you that feeling of "Ahhh...YES!" However, the "Ahhh...YES!" experiences are few and far between, and last for a short season.

In life, there are more subtle moments than grand. And if you tap into the subtle moments and stay open to experiencing them in new and exciting ways, that creates a deeper, more fulfilling experience. If you stay open to what the little moments can provide you, that makes the big moments even bigger. This is how you expand and deepen life experiences.

Often, you want the excitement and thrill, but tend to overlook the significance of daily peace and calm, and what it can bring into your life. That's why some people say that the love of their life was their best friend all along, because the best friend wasn't just about temporary excitement and thrill, they provided peace, calm, security, patience, understanding, etc. They provided the subtle, long-lasting things that meant so much.

Sending my Love and Light!

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