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11 Ways To Be A Conscious Leader

Lead yourself. As a conscious leader, you must first lead yourself. In doing, so you impact others and create change. You understand the importance of “practicing what you preach” and living with genuine intentions, even if it isn’t always easy. You are not consumed by external/surface goals, those become a byproduct of internal awareness and intentional action; action that is purposeful, honest, and life changing. Your ultimate goal is to become the highest version of yourself.

Stay present. Engage in every moment and stay attune with the energy around you. Presence is your most powerful state because that is where creation takes place. You consciously create what you want to have or experience in the future, by making choices NOW that support that.

Be Intentional. You are intentional because you understand the consequences of your actions. You understand that your actions not only affect you, but those around you. You understand that intentions are attached to outcomes and therefore is the foundation of the life you create.

Stay vigilant. When you are vigilant and protective of your energy, you are not so easily influenced by the outside world. You keep your inner circle tight and understand that who you hang out with matters. You don’t waste time or energy hanging out with those who bring you down.

Seek to empower others, not to be powerful…there is a difference. Be aware of the impact you have on others and know that every individual has their own ability to make an impact. You get satisfaction out of seeing others step into their truth because you know that freedom for one is freedom for all. By seeking to empower others, you empower yourself.

Take accountability. A conscious leader is quick to “clean up their side of the street” before telling others how to clean up their side. By taking accountability of your own actions, you influence and create desired outcomes. Accountability opens the door to fulfillment and freedom, it puts you in the driver’s seat as opposed to allowing others to dictate the direction of your life.

Be humble. A conscious leader doesn’t look down on others. You empathize and understand that we all have struggles. You look below the surface of others and see yourself in everyone…like a mirror reflecting back similarities. Every encounter and interaction is an opportunity to learn about yourself, and to understand others too.

Leave the ego. A conscious leader leaves their ego at the door and doesn’t look to be the leader per se. You know the difference between ego and genuine leadership. You understand your role and use it to build up others, and do the work that is greater than yourself. This greater work takes self-awareness and as you grow in self-awareness and allow yourself to be led by truth rather than egoic fears, you shine and inspire others to become a conscious leader too.

Prioritize peace. Peace is power. You know how easy it is to give into a chaotic lifestyle and feed the ego. You know how easy it is to give into the temptation of trying to prove yourself or BE somebody. Choosing peace can be hard when you’ve spent a majority of your life fighting to be right. All the accomplishments, accolades, and success in the world will not bring you peace if you are not genuinely trying to cultivate it in your life.

Speak up…but first, listen. A conscious leader knows the right time to speak up. You listen more than you speak and learn from the world around you. You observe, and when the time and intentions are right…you speak up. You speak the truth, not to hear your own voice, but because you know that what you have to say, must be shared. What you have to say is important, not because you are important but because your integrity will not allow you to remain silent.

Keep growing. Growing never stops for a conscious leader. You continue to push to the unknown and are committed to understanding yourself and your triggers. You always want to learn and better yourself because you know that growth = freedom. And although freedom may come at a cost, you are willing to pay.

We all have the ability to become a conscious leader. And as we step into this truth, we will attract to us, those who want to become a conscious leader too. There is no need to demand that others follow, a conscious leader simply lives an honest life regardless of the cost…and in doing so creates everlasting change.

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