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Hi! I'm Javon Wing, owner of Inspired Life!


I am a JSCS Certified Mindset Transformation Coach. I work with individuals and organizations who are dedicated to growth and transformation.


I help clients who feel stuck and cannot create the personal and/or professional life they desire, so they can experience freedom, empowerment, fulfillment, and success in their lives and organizations.   


I help clients understand the deeply rooted thoughts, beliefs, and actions, that unknowingly dictate and create their lives. I put clients in the driver’s seat of their lives, by helping them to understand how their beliefs and behaviors can be changed to intentionally and effectively create a life based on who they want to be and where they want to go!



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So glad you're here!

A little about me...

My name is Javon Wing. I was born and raised in Montana and I'm an enrolled member of the Chippewa-Cree Tribe from the Rocky Boy's Indian Reservation, nestled in the beautiful Bear Paw Mountains, and a descendent of the Gros Ventre (Aaniiih) and Assiniboine (Nakoda) Tribe.


Growing up Native American and living on and off the Reservation throughout my life, has given me a unique perspective. A perspective that has shown me the power and resiliency of the mind. A perspective that has taught me how to transform limiting beliefs into opportunities, growth, and freedom.


Life on the Reservation has taught me about the resiliency and adaptation of my Native People. It has taught me that despite the economic, social, health, and cultural struggles of individuals and communities, there is always space for positive transformation. 

I'm blessed to be part of a community, a literal Tribe, that I can call home.  A community that continues to push forward despite hardships, a community dedicated to healing and growth.  

This dedication has inspired within me, the desire for new and innovative ways to help others on their path of healing and transformation. 

I've spent the last 11+ years working as a Grant Writer for my Tribal Government and Tribal Community, and as of 2 years ago, have started down the Life Coaching path. This new path has taught me so much about myself and what I can offer individuals, organizations, communities, and the world. 

As a Grant Writer I observe, research needs, and seek opportunities to assist in finding solutions/outcomes for organizations and my community.

As a Coach, I observe, empathize and look to understand needs, and help clients find the solutions/outcomes they are looking for on a personal and professional level.


I believe that each of us can create a life that is reflective of who we want to be and where we want to go. And I'm here for it!  

I believe that every client is Whole, Unique, and Resourceful. As a client, you are the expert in your life, and I'm here to provide support and guidance.


I'm here to help you identify and use the tools you already have, to create the life you want!

Enjoying Outdoor

"Be more intentional about who you want to become. Have vision beyond your current circumstances. Imagine your best future self, and start acting like that person today."

Brendon Burchard

• Help you work through negative blocks, triggers, insecurities, and fears.

• Help you discover inner strengths and abilities.

• Help deepen self-awareness and understand root needs.

• Help you create more joy, inspiration, and purpose! 

In order to change the outside, we begin with the inside. The inside is the lens from which we create our lives and see the world.      

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