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Are You Setting Yourself Up For Failure?

Are you setting big, hairy goals that you cannot reach, or continually fail to reach?

Maybe it’s not the goal that needs to change, but the method.

When a person runs a marathon, they don’t give it all they got within the first mile and exhaust themselves before they even get down the road. They set a pace; doable and reachable. A pace that allows them to reach the finish line.

The pace is consistent NOT intense.

When we set goals, we need to ensure that they are doable, reachable, and at a pace that allows us to reach our destination. Often times, we get so focused on the end goal that we want to get there as quickly as we can, so we take the most intense action…which ends up leaving us depleted and short of the finish line. Then we pick ourselves up and do it again…we take the most intense action, end up depleted, and short of the finish line. We continually do this and wonder why we cannot reach our destination.

Never underestimate small actions, they are the foundation for building baseline habits. Baseline habits are the “low hanging fruit”. They are the doable steps, that when done consistently, naturally get us to the finish line.

The power of building baseline habits:

1) Our body is able to adjust to a change that is manageable. We don’t feel exhausted, in fact, we may feel more energized bc we’re not wearing our body down. Our body gets used to this habit and it feels natural, not such a struggle.

2) Our mind sees our progress, building confidence and the desire to keep going. We see the goal as attainable and less overwhelming.

3) We’re able to enjoy the journey bc there’s less pressure to perform and less fear of failure. The synergy between body and mind inspires, motivates, and energizes us to reach the finish line.

Consistency over intensity, in all areas of life, can get us to where we want to go. It can help us ditch the cycle of self-judgment and doubt, and help us to create an environment of encouragement and support.

Build habits that fit YOU; don’t try to change yourself to fit a habit. In doing so, the goal becomes a byproduct of a natural and fulfilling journey.

Sending my Love and Light!

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